A sightseeing of AppServ..

AppServIf you have been familiar with Apache Server and MySQL Database Server, then you will know about AppServ server. AppServ server. is a server package that compose of : Apache, PHP, MySQL, and phpMyAdmin. It’s a kind of light server that have ability to setup in Windows flatform, but AppServ is recommended to run in Linux.
The objective of this package is EASY to Install Apache, PHP, MySQL, AppServe promote : You can setup web server, and database server in 1 minute. If your needed is Easy Installing and you don’t want to make any configuration, AppServe id suitable for you.

AppServ 2.6.0 consist of :
· Apache 2.2.8
· PHP 6.0.0-dev
· MySQL 6.0.4-alpha
· phpMyAdmin-2.10.3

Apache, PHP and MySQL in this AppServe looks new, but phpMyAdmin-2.10.3 is not so. There is recommendation from AppServe about version : We recommend for all AppServ user. You do not upgrade to new version every time when released. You should to select some version for your work if you think this version stable for you. New version is not mean good.
Actually if you like a light server; you may install Apache, PHP and MySQL only, then about managing the database you may install MySQL Administrator separately. But this is not an objective of AppServe that concern to easy install and configuration. AppServ have only special configuration when install, Apache configure httpd.conf, MySQL configure my.ini, PHP configure php.ini.But AppServ can guaranty any package from AppServ can work stable like Official of Apache, PHP, MySQL Release.

MySQL Administrator can manage the MySQL database and the front was made look like database manager regularly; its look like database GUI almost looklike similar as SQL Server in Windows. The other way phpMyAdmin had some advantage; i.e you may setting up to be able to access by browser completely.

PHP-Nuke: Web Portal System

PHP-Nuke: Web Portal System almost has completely features and modules that will make you satisfy in large server, but some modules you may not need then you can discard those in order to reduce the size.

PHP-Nuke is a Web Portal System or content management system. The goal of PHP-Nuke is to have an automated web site to distribute news and articles with users system. Each user can submit comments to discuss the articles. Main features include: web based admin, surveys, top page, access stats page with counter, user customizable box, themes manager for registered users, friendly administration GUI with graphic topic manager, option to edit or delete stories, option to delete comments, moderation system, Referers page to know who link us, sections manager, customizable HTML blocks, user and authors edit, an integrated Banners Ads system, search engine, backend/headlines generation (RSS/RDF format), and many, many more friendly functions. PHP-Nuke is written 100% in PHP and requires Apache Web server, PHP and a SQL (MySQL, MySQL4, msSQL, PostgreSQL, Access, ODBC, DB2, Oracle and SQLite). Support for 33 languages, Yahoo like search engine, Comments option in Polls, lot of themes, Ephemerids manager, File Manager, Headlines, download manager, faq manager, advanced blocks systems, reviews system, newsletter, categorized articles, multilanguage content management, phpBB Forums included and a lot more.


When you are succes for downloading PHP-Nuke; you will face to Francisco Burzi ( welcome note, therefore you will realy know what about PHP-Nuke is :
"Welcome to PHP-Nuke!

First of all, thanks a lot to download this software, I hope that you can enjoy it.

PHP-Nuke is free software, released under GNU GPL Licence version 2.0 (see COPYING file for details)

PHP-Nuke is the result of many years administrating a news site called Linux Preview ( First, around August 1998, I wrote my own code in Perl called NUKE and used it for about 1 year,then my site goes big, so I needed a more powerfull system and decided to use Slash, the same used in Slashdot site. It's good but you realy need to know Perl to modify it, need too many modules, need to load
a damn daemon that sucks all your CPU power. My Pentium III just appears to be a 386 each minute the daemon make its work. Well, then I discovered Thatware, a good project to have a news site under PHP. I learned PHP in less than a week and nitiate to modify it. There are too many mods to mention, it was practicaly a rewrite. I added some cool stuff, deleted some others and after more than 380 hours of hard work in 3 weeks! PHP-Nuke was born.

On August 17, 2000 I sold to and now I have all the time to dedicate to the development of PHP-Nuke. From January 2001 to January 2002, PHP-Nuke has been financially supported by MandrakeSoft, the folks that made Mandrake Linux. This gave me and PHP-Nuke a lot of oxigen and made possible a lot of stuff.

Now, I'm alone with this killer project. There is a lot of help from the people that uses and develop modules and themes. Now, is a big site with a lot of users and helpful information for any user around the world. There is also a strong user's community sites in almost any language you can imagine. Just go to and enjoy this great community!

For installation instructions, go and read INSTALL file, also remember to read CREDITS file to know from where comes the things. The TODO file is the list of features that I'll add in future versions, read it also.

Please, enjoy PHP-Nuke and remember that this is free GPL software and comes without any warranty and without technical support, so please don't email me asking how to make this or that, I'll ignore that type of emails. PHP-Nuke isn't perfect, but your suggestions and feedback can help all us to have a very well done portal system!

PS: Sorry for my English, I'm not english spoken guy. Also, remember I receive
too many Emails, so I can't answer to all you, but for sure I'll read all
Emails I receive.

-- Francisco Burzi ("

Expandable Post Summaries..

You may make blog post by using expandable post tools scripts that has been explained by the Bloger Help : How can I create expandable post summaries?. So you and the reader will face to your part of post in the main page and whole part in post page or archieve page.
I as common people an also some other close surrounding bloggers has been a little confuse about that explanation. Therefore, I made little experience about this thing. The result is in about twice of my experiences; the script modification is work correctly.

First Step :
Make full download of your xml blog template in to your PC. Edit the file by using XML Editor, in this matter I used PSPad Editor. After you have finished your modification, following by uploading. I you have make a fatal mistakes in your editor, the file then cannot be uploaded. Otherwise if the scripts is true then nothing happens, its mean your scripts is still wrong.

Second Step :

Third Step :

You may change the “Read More” by other word or by image as you like, so you will get more attractive. If you paln to used an image, of course you have to host first.

Fourth Step :
Upload the XML file in to your blog template (Edit HTML part)

Fifth Step :
Make post modification as same as The Blogger Help has explained :

The beginning will be appear in the main page and whole of your post will be appear in post page or archives.
That’s it The steps is more than The Blogger Help steps, but this condition is easier for common people and common bloggers. Although the right thing is The Blogger Help was done.


Installing Vertrigo Server

VertigoServ as http web server is very easy to install, if you have download this application just click for setup and then follow the instruction process. Dont forget you should click for accepted the license terms; GPL GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE; For example at the begining of GPL.txt; said : "Everyone is permitted to copy and distribute verbatim copies of this license document, but changing it is not allowed".

You should keep the suggested default directory unless you have a good reason for choosing another directory. If you click Install to begin the installation. You will see some windows popping up and closing again. This is normal as the VertrigoServ installer sets up the various software components.
"VertrigoServ has been developed as a highly professional, easy to install package consisting of Apache (HTTP web server), PHP (reflective programming language), MySQL (multithreaded, multi-user, SQL Database Management System), SQLite (ACID-compliant relational database management system), SQLiteManager (multilingual web based tool to manage SQLite database), PhpMyAdmin (tool written in PHP intended to handle the administration of MySQL) and Zend Optimizer (which increases runtime performance up to 40%) for Windows platform. With a convenient all-in-one installer, all components are installed in a single directory and can be used immediately after the installation process has completed. An uninstaller allows you to remove the VertrigoServ from hard disc. It is designed to be as small and flexible as possible and is therefore highly suitable for internet distribution. VertrigoServ is excellent both for beginners and for advanced users."

Vertrigo Control Panel

Your web page or directory should be placed in http root; in Vertrigo ussualy we will go to this directory : C:\ProgramFiles\VertrigoServ\www. But dont worry you will find out Vertrigo Control Panel in the active tray if you entered shortcut in the desktop. You can easily manage you server and the database from the control panel. Managing database will be same as Apachefriends XAMPP, but in Vertrigo application this database already has security password (check the readme.txt), later you have to change this password.

The size of Vertrigo directroy smaller than ApacheFriends XAMPP; so this will be suitable for small up to medium server; on which the file size is were important.

Installing ApacheFriends XAMPP Server...!!

According to my experieced, if you want to install ApacheFriends XAMPP in Windows flatform as your dinamyc webserver, mainly there are two way :
1. Installation from exe file.
2. Installation from tar.gz or zip file.

In case of installation from exe file, download and unzip the 7-zip or zip archives (exe file) into the folder of your choice. Install (cliking setup) into your highest directory, then follow the instruction of installation process. The other way is installation from tar.gz or zip file, unpack the file then place in your highest directory; ussualy is C:\xampp.

ApacheFriends XAMPP
XAMPP 1.6.2 Instalation.

I am using ApacheFriends XAMPP (basic package) version 1.5.4a and XAMPP win-32 162 installer; which mainly compose of :

+ Apache 2.2.3
+ MySQL 5.0.24a
+ PHP 5.1.6 + PHP 4.4.4 + PEAR
+ PHP-Switch win32 1.0 (von Apachefriends, man nehme die "php-switch.bat")
+ XAMPP Control Version 2.3 from
+ XAMPP Security 1.0
+ SQLite 2.8.15
+ OpenSSL 0.9.8d
+ phpMyAdmin
+ ADOdb 4.91
+ Mercury Mail Transport System v4.01b
+ FileZilla FTP Server 0.9.18
+ Webalizer 2.01-10
+ Zend Optimizer 3.0.1
+ eAccelerator0.9.5 RC1 for PHP 5.1.6 (unused, modify the php.ini)

After your installation is complete, please go inside to XAMPP directory then find out "XAMPP Control Panel for Windows" enter then you will see XAMPP Control Panel. Click apache start for running the http server then clik mysql start for running mysql database server. If you wish to get automatic forever services, please check the SVC respectively.

XAMPP Control Panel.

And now your http server and database server already running and ready for use. The http root directory is "htdocs", and the database directory for your data is "mysql/data". You need to configure php/php.ini file conform to your needed; for example is mailing addess; and SMTP, ect. Browse the server from localhost : http://localhost or, then you will face to XAMPP page, you can check the php.ini configuration from php info. The http port is 80 and the datacase port is 3306 (by default). You have to place your web file or directory in the http root directory "htdocs".

About the security, the following information is from ApacheFriends :

"A matter of security (A MUST READ!) : As mentioned before, XAMPP is not meant for production use but only for developers in a development environment. The way XAMPP is configured is to be open as possible and allowing the developer anything he/she wants. For development environments this is great but in a production environment it could be fatal. Here a list of missing security in XAMPP: The MySQL administrator (root) has no password. The MySQL daemon is accessible via network. phpMyAdmin is accessible via network. Examples are accessible via network. To fix most of the security weaknesses simply call the following URL: http://localhost/security/ The root password for MySQL + phpMyAdmin and also a XAMPP directory protection can being established here."

XAMPP Security.

According to my experienced, some production server are using ApacheFriends XAMPP; and they have forgoten about the password for database user "pma" and " " with the test database. You will knowing this by accessing the addres with MySQL Administrator installation. It could be interesting item for the hacker. If you have'made password for XAMPP directory; you may to move index file for accesing this directory from the http root, if not the password will asking in http browsing.

phpMyAdmin for managing the MySQL database.

Easy Ways To Make Extra Cash Online

by: Lydia Quinn

There are numerous simple and easy ways to make some extra cash online. This article will give you some ideas.


One of the best ways to earn some extra cash online is by taking surveys. There are many companies that need consumer opinions on a wide range of topics, and many of them will pay you money or with points you can redeem for cash or prizes. It's easy and free to signup and the more surveys you take, the more money and prizes you will get. It just takes a small investment of your time.


If you have decent writing skills, there are many publishers and content distributors who need content for their websites. Two such sites are and, they will pay you for each article you write. You don't have to be a fantastic writer either, just have a good grasp of English and be able to write something of interest on a given topic.


Blogging is fun and easy and, again, you don't need great writing skills. You just need to be able to communicate your thoughts and ideas well. You can get your own customizable blog by getting a domain and hosting package that includes the Fantastico module. This module allows you to install the blogging software, WordPress, with 1 simple click. It's super fast and easy and you'll be blogging in no time. Once you have some visitors, you can add Adsense ads or affiliate ads to leverage your visitors and make money from them. Remember, the more interesting your topic, the more people will be interested, and the more readers you get, the more money you will make from your advertising. Blogs can be about anything, what do you have a passion for? What is your interest? Blog about it!

Affiliate Marketing

Many online companies have affiliate programs., for instance, has a great affiliate program that allows you to sign up and get a customized URL to any page or area of their site. Then you can send this URL to your friends and family and encourage them to buy gifts from With every purchase from your affiliate link, you get a commission! There are thousands of other affiliate programs out there, in addition to Amazon's program.

Sell Your Extra Stuff

We all have extra stuff laying around our houses or garages. Why not get rid of it and make some money too? Get your stuff and take a picture, write a description and put it up on eBay. You may find that something you thought that wasn't worth anything, is actually worth something!

Contests, Sweepstakes and Instant Win Games

Everyday there are new contests, sweepstakes and instant win games launching. If you are vigilant and spend an hour or a few a day entering contests and playing these games, you will win something eventually. Playing these games and contests is often fun anyway, so why not take a chance? Check out for a great list of contests, sweepstakes and instant win games.

Free Lottos

You know how you go to the convenience store every week and spend a few bucks on lottery tickets? Well, there are also online lotteries where you can get tickets and win cash prizes. The difference is, these lotteries are free! Yes, free! You can find a list of free lottos at

Online Casinos

There are hundreds of different online casinos on the web. I bet you thought that you needed money to play at them and win? Well, you were wrong. You can signup for free poker tournaments that have cash prizes. There are also slot, roulette and blackjack tournaments that you can play that have real money prizes. All for free! Check out and for listings.

There you go, 8 fun and easy ideas to make some extra cash online!

About The Author
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Cashing in by Blogging

by: Len Hutton

Believe it or not, but it’s actually possible to make money from blogging. One teenager has, in fact, earned $5,000 a month just from making posts on his blog! Of course, not every blogger is this lucky. It does take some skill, and some luck to make money from blogging. What it also takes is some knowledge of how exactly to generate income just by posting blogs. In this newsletter, we will go over three specific methods of making money on your blog: Adsense, Pay Per Lead, and Affiliate Links.

So how exactly do I make money on my blog?

You do it by working with another company that wants to use your blog as a form of advertising. It sounds like selling out, right? Not exactly. The advertising can be as in your face or subtle as you want. And it can still make you money, provided you have enough visitors to your blog.

What is Adsense?

Adsense is a program offered by Google. The program, if installed, will display ads provided by Google.

How do I get Adsense?

You’ll need to go to, first. At the bottom of the screen is a link for “Advertising Programs”. Click on that. Then click on the link for “Adsense”. Scroll down on the page that comes up and click “Click Here To Apply!” You then fill out the form with information about yourself. After 12-48 hours, Google will notify you via email whether or not your site has been accepted. When you’ve been accepted, set up your ads by doing either of the following:

1. If your blog is hosted on, you can set up your AdSense ads by going to your profile, selecting settings>template>add an element. Then select AdSense and login with your account info. Next, you’ll configure your ads and save the template. That’s it.

2. If you are self-hosting your blog, you’ll have to set up AdSense in more of a manual way. You’ll create your ads(which can be as small or as tall as you want) and then copy the HTML/Javascript code Google gives you. Then you’ll paste it into your blog(on the left, right, or top of the screen).

For the first few days, the ads displayed by Google will be Public Service Announcements. After the ads have been up a few days, though, the ads will switch to ads that are relevant to your blog.

How does Adsense work?

Every time a visitor clicks an Adsense ad, you get a little bit of money(usually around 30-60 cents). The amount you get for each ad clicked depends on the number of unique visitors you receive on your blog. The more visitors, the more money that can be earned.

Google will then send a check or pay you through Paypal once you’ve made at least $100 from the ads.

It is important to remember that Google will penalize you if you click your own ads, or if you ask visitors specifically to click ads. So don’t do that!

Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click is basically just like AdSense, except you don’t just work with Google—you work with multiple companies. BidVertiser is one such company you can sign up with to do Pay Per Click advertising.

How do I get Pay Per Click

You sign up with a site like Bidvertiser and then follow their instructions to set up the Pay Per Click ads on your site.

How does Pay Per Click work?

It works by paying you money each time someone clicks an ad that you display. You won’t get paid for multiple clicks from the same user in the same visitor, nor will you get paid for someone simply visiting your site. You only get paid for legitimate clicks.

Affiliate Links

Affiliate links are basically links which people pay you for. Companies will actually pay owners of popular blogs to post links on their blog. You can do as much Affiliate linking as you want.

How do I get Affiliate Links?

You can get Affiliate links by searching for “Affiliate Link Programs” on the internet. Once you find an Affiliate link program that looks good to you, sign up for it. Then you can follow their instructions for putting the link(s) on your blog.

How do Affiliate Links work?

Like the other two methods mentioned above, Affiliate links work by paying you money each time they are clicked. You get paid for each click per unique visitor.

So that’s it. There’s three legitimate ways to make money from blogging. It is important to keep in mind that the amount of money you are able to make depends on how many visitors your blog draws. If you draw a lot, you’ll make a lot. If not, the money you earn will be modest. But it’s still extra money, so why not do it?

Making money using Adsense, Pay Per Click or Affiliate Link programs is easy and effective. Start monetizing your blog today!

About The Author
Len Hutton is a information publisher specialising in helping people start their own home based business. Get a no cost video showing you step by step how to set up a niche ebook empire at If you are considering using Google Pay-Per-Click Ads to promote your blog check out this web site

Great 100% Free Tools To Build Your Website!

by: Tabby Blades

Free web hosting is no secret, but finding a decent free host most certainly is! If you aren't techie enough to build your own server, and don't really want to pay for hosting. This is a good way to have a nice site for no cost to you to make a blog, show off your vacation photos in a new annoying way, Keep in touch with family, ect.

I've found a few tools I really like over the last few days I've used on this site you're viewing!

Domain Names

First, we're going to need a domain name - if you want to be fancy and get a nice .com feel free to head to Go Daddy, and register one. However, most of the good names are taken, and the one I have works just as well. Eventually we'll run out of .nets and .coms, and everyone will have to go to other extensions realizing they are exactly that.. since anyone can register a dot com they don't win much with me in the way of credibility. There is no 'real business' or 'trustworthy individual' application.

There are plenty free domain names you can get, but most are long and rather ugly. Mine is from a website called ( if you aren't googling it already. You can choose to have your freebie hosting forwarded or do a real deal DNS update which many free domain hosts don't offer. They are ad free, and only ask you place a small button on your page (like the one at the bottom of mine) stating you are a member of the network. I like this site best, but there are plenty others you can grab up with extensions like,, ect.

Okay, we've got a free name! Next on our list is web hosting.


Since I've not got around to the other project i've reminded myself about (Home server/media center) it's time to get some free hosting! I've found many hosts; some better than others. Here's my top list for you to pick from!

#1 Freehostia (

* Disk Space: 250 MB
* Traffic 5Gb
* 2 Domains
* 1 MySQL Database
* Their ads? No
* Your ads? Yes
* Custom 404 Pages

#2 Awardspace (

* Disk Space: 200MB
* Traffic: 5GB
* 2 Domains
* 1 MySQL Database
* Their Ads?: No
* Your Ads?: Yes

The above listed providers have many other features available. There's one thing I dislike about Awardspace.. if a visitor encounters an error on one of your pages they are directed to the providers homepage with no back link or explanation for the error! I went with Free Hostia since I can edit my own 404s. However, you can get more space, traffic, ect. by allowing ads - That opens up your options a lot, but this should be fine for a personal page.

Now we have a domain name, and webhosting for $0.00. : )

Html Editors

Now that we have a place to park we need to get ourselves a car! Usually webhosting editors leave much to be desired if you're not an html wizard, but fear not. You can download many external programs to make this task much easier for you! If you are not very good at html you'll want something with a WYSIWYG(What You See Is What You Get) editor. There are plenty of these out there both commerical and open source.

I'm using Kompozer ( for my editing needs. You can open an existing document, or create a new one. If you have any experience with simple html at all this program will serve you well. For more advanced users you can edit in raw source code, there's a preivew button, view in browser option, ect. ect. All for zero dollars.

There are many other options that offer trial periods or 'restricted versions such as FirstPage, Coffee Cup, ect. I was using firstpage, but it started crashing on me as soon as they added the teaser wanting you to buy their full version..Don't know if they've fixed it or not since then, but you can check it out.

When you get done playing you can either upload directly to your webhosting using FTP with the built in program (though I prefer Filezilla) or you can click source, copy the code, and paste it into your not so friendly editor on your webhost.

Domain, webhosting, and an HTML editor.. that will be $0.00! Please come again. : )

RSS, and updating feeds

The newest thing i'm playing with is what you're reading! I wanted an easier way to do site updates, and integrating a blog seemed a great way to go. I messed with some things, and decided I like blogger the very best.

If you'd like to use blogger ( on your website - I've found FTP to be the easiest way for me.

1. Go to your blogger homepage.
2. Click the Settings tab--- > Select "Publishing"
3. Choose the 'Publish via FTP option.

Now you need to enter your upload information. The FTP server information will be given to you somewhere on your host's page. You'll need to enter..

1. Your host's address FTP server address
2. Blog url (Enter the homepage address if you want the blog there.)
3. Enter the FTP path (/ for the homepage.)
4. Enter your FTP Username and Password.

You can leave everything else alone - As they don't need to be edited to get it working. Click save, and blogger will ask if you want to republish. If you have blogs posted already click 'yes', and they will be uploaded to your webpage instead of blogger's pages.

If you want to change your site's front page content you can visit blogger, and post as normal. When you publish your site will get some new content for your visitors! There's an option to subscribe, view archives, recent posts, ect. So if your friends, family, co-workers, ect. are fans of google reader like I am they can subscribe to your webby, and be notified when you post something new!

Your site will get a nice little subscription url like mine too! ( Clicking it will open up a page asking if you want google reader (or whichever feeder their using) to subscribe them.

You can edit the blog template to look pretty much anyway you like. Just make sure you don't delete any code needed to transport your blog. I did find that trying to paste the template code to Kompozer, editing, and pasting it back to blogger didn't work well..

So, I made the layout how I want it in kompozer, and paste the snippets back in their appropriate places to keep the blog working. A little slower, but nothing monumental.

Bam! Blog with RSS subscribing.. $0.00 folks. : )

Search engines

Something else that's a little irritating to find is a search engine. One that will send results of YOUR site, and not results of others from google. Most of them want some massive monthly, yearly, first born, fee to use theirs or you need the technical know how to code your own.

There are several free ones you can use. Google themselves make a site search - Though there's was not working well for me for some reason. So I went with Free Find ( All you do is sign up, paste the code, have them spider your site, and you have a search for your site.

It'll search all the pages you have, and collect results for your users if you have lots of blogs or files to look through. They offer this service ad free save one banner/small text ads on top of the results page which are not very obtrusive.

You can also customize the results page to appear how you want it too! Check out mine ( by submitting a search for anything. Clicking the logo or 'back link' sends you back to the homepage. You can alternatively select to have a 'web search' as well as site search.

We're still at zero dollars spent and we have a domain, webhost, search engine, HTML editor, blog, and an RSS feed!

There are plenty more freebies you can find by use of everyone's favorite search engine. HTML templates, buttons, graphics, pre-made content, ect. ect. This is a short list of ideas to get you started, but there are LOADS of cool site things available.

The internet was meant to be free - And we need to keep it that way! : )


About The Author
Created by
"If you want it done right, do it yourself!"
For more 'How To' and 'Do It Yourself' articles visit my website!
If you'd like to subscribe to my RSS feed, and see all my articles you can use the following link!

Blogging Your Way To Riches

By: Vanson Tan

The emergence of blogs has turned around peoples use of the internet in a way that nobody ever though possible. While, many people were reluctant to embrace it initially, such attitudes towards blogging have long been erased. In their place stand a global population that look out for the latest blog entry rather than they do their favorite newspaper. For anyone willing to write blogging has therefore provided a window of opportunity that few forums provide.

About blogs

It is hard to think of another way of making money on the internet that could match if not beat blogging. By simply sharing out one's thoughts and observations, one stands a chance of earning some reasonable amounts of cash. The best thing is that one need not struggle for ideas or information. Blogging is a personal enterprise so one needs no research. In some cases, however, the blogger could opt to write on a certain interest area or topic.


It is important that the writer makes use of the diversity that blogs avails anyone willing to have their site. Wile one can choose to go entirely personal and make it their diary, blogging can also be used to present very important information. Some blogs have become so popular that they are relied upon to provide news as well as the latest information is fashion, health, sports or other weighty issues. This diversity therefore gives users the freedom to choose their blog's topic. The only consideration to look out for is going out for a topic that is comfortable on. This will make their blogging experience something to enjoy while earning some much needed cash.

Dollars or fun

People engage in blogging for different reasons. While others blog for fun, financial returns have become the next big motivation for blogggers. The concept of earning cash through blogs has become so popular since one does not to struggle. There are various ways through which blogs rake in good returns. There are blogs where one may be paid to submit entries. If you are doing the blogging on your own site, you can earn cash by hosting advertisements on your site. These could be from other blogs, companies or products linked or not connected to whatever one is blogging about.

Starting a blog

While one may choose to start blogging by themselves, an easier option is to start writing one somebody else's blog. This should work out better if the rates are attractive. This will help as one takes time to think about what their blogging will be about. Finally is possible to blog on several sites. This should make the proposition even more interesting.

If you need money now, like I mean in the next hour, try what I did. I am making more money now than in my old business and you can too, read the amazing, true story, in the link below. When I joined I was skeptical for just ten seconds before I realized what this was. I was smiling from ear to ear and you will too.

Imagine doubling your money every week with no or little risk! To discover a verified list of Million Dollar Corporations offering you their products at 75% commission to you. Click the link below to learn HOW you will begin compounding your capital towards your first Million Dollars at the easy corporate money program.

By: Vanson Tan

Article Directory:

I'm the founder of MCG, graduated from University of Queensland. I'm inspired to teach people Internet Marketing, so that everyone is able to have additional income without any capital or risk involved! You can go to find out more ...

Establishing Your Blog To Make Money Online

In order to make money online by blogging there are two schools of thought as to when the best time is to monetize the blog. On the one hand you could immediately start to market to your readers upon launch. Now this makes sense since earning an online income is why you've started the blog to begin with. On the other hand there are those who feel it is best to first establish a reader base before introducing any type of online marketing techniques.

On the surface it would seem pretty obvious as to what approach to take if earning an online income is the objective behind your blogging.

Well even though managing a blog over a period of time without the intent to make money seems a little strange it does pose some interesting advantages.

Let's have a look at 3 compelling reasons it would be to your advantage to DELAY monetizing your blog:


The very basis behind blog popularity is the ability to interact with other visitors and the site owner WITHOUT the distractions of online advertising. Freedom from sales pitches and the opportunity to contribute concerning content of interest to the reader is what most visitors expect at a blog.

Online advertising of any kind will hinder that 'cozy' and 'protected' feeling visitors are expecting from a blog. As a result it may slow the growth of blog readership since many may not feel as comfortable with these distractions.


With good content and the implementation of effective online marketing techniques to attract traffic most blogs can expect to grow quickly. The interaction of both readers and the site owner through blog comments left and also responded to a certain degree of familiarity develops. This spawns a feeling of camaraderie and loyalty between and amongst all participants. This loyalty then results in readers returning and in fact with their continued participation they in effect are helping to build and improve the blog.

At this point the feeling of community is in full bloom and continues to feed upon itself to grow the blog even more. Now you have greater participation, more input, and even referrals from the existing subscription base are arriving. It is of utmost importance that the site owner continues to take advantage of blog comments left and act upon them to improve the blog. These comments are the readers telling you what they want; all you need to do is respond.


This communal feeling and the loyalty that now exist has given the blog owner tremendous momentum upon which to launch a money making blog. Readership resistance to any marketing attempts will be minimized due to the trust that has developed. In fact sales conversions should be very high as also should be profits.

Blog marketing relies upon the trust and familiarity that the blogging community is noted for. A blog not monetized will generally gain a greater and more immediate acceptance amongst visitors thereby leading to a faster growth rate.

To make money online it will always involves a certain amount of trust from your customers. In order for them to respond positively to any online marketing efforts they'll need to believe in either you or the product. By not monetizing your blog from the outset you should be able to develop this trust quicker. This will in turn lead to greater sales with less effort in the future.

By: T. J. Philpott

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by: Keith McGregor

Like no other training form, e-learning promises to provide a single experience that accommodates the three distinct learning styles of auditory learners, visual learners, and kinesthetic learners. Other unique opportunities created by the advent and development of e-learning by web design are more efficient training of a globally dispersed audience; and reduced publishing and distribution costs as Web-based training becomes a standard.

Advantages of e-learning often include flexibility and convenience for the learner especially if they have other commitments, facilitation of communication between learners, greater adaptability to a learner’s needs, more variety in learning experience with the use of multimedia and the non-verbal presentation of teaching material.

E-learning facilitates knowledge, competence, and process improvement. It helps learners apply contemporary techniques in the real world. It is a knowledge platform that assists in unlocking the potential within each employee of an organisation to achieve performance excellence.

In online learning, the learner chooses when to learn, does so at his/her own pace and is in control of the learning. Therefore, the traditional linear approach with extensive reading of text and numerous slides of information are generally unsuccessful. Since the classroom dynamics are not present, the online approach must engage the learners, have them respond to questions, scenarios and make decisions as they are learning the content. Special links to Web sites or supplementary material make for an enriching experience. Web design companies need to create such websites that should be informative & interactive.

It is a false belief that with course content templates all that is needed is to pour in the content and have a finished product in a few hours. These become the page-turner courses that turn learners off to online learning. The cost-effectiveness of e-learning through web design is a subject of much debate as there is usually much upfront investment that can only be recouped through economies of scale. Web design and software development in particular can be expensive as can systems specifically geared for e-learning. The development of adaptive materials is also much more time-consuming than that of non-adaptive ones.

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Good Website Content

by: Gally Reznor

Reading a website is not similar to reading a book or a newspaper, therefore before you start spilling money on campaigns be sure your site is built in accordance with internet writing standards. Lets talk about few simple rules you don't want to break when building a website:

Don't waste your visitors time

Time is money. Most people decide whether they are interested in what the website has to offer in just to seconds. Therefore make sure your landing page provides the most crucial and appealing information about your business.

Number one time waster is a heavy loading pages with lot's of flash animations and pictures. Make sure your web pages are not too heavy otherwise you might loose your visitors before they entered your website.

Most of the visitors need to find what they are looking for fast, otherwise they look for it elsewhere. As a webmaster you must make sure your data is well categorizes and divided to relevant pages , categories, headlines and sub-titles. A visitor must be able to navigate your website easily and successfully.

Avoid too much "Special affects"

By this I mean don't include too much flash movies and avoid using music if you don't have to. As we mentioned earlier, Flash has a large loading time which damages viewer experience, besides too much flash may be annoying and search engines can't read it.

Music is a great thing, but somehow music and websites do not fit too well. If you want to put some background tune anyway, make sure a user can silence it quickly and easily. Or in contrary , let the user click "Play" and begin the music when he decides.

Pop-ups and new pages

If you have links in your site , I strongly advise you not to use the pop-up option and not to open these links in new window. Seemingly pop-ups and new windows are a very good idea if we don't want the visitor to navigate from our website but many years of experience shows that users prefer to click "Back" buttons. As to pop-ups , most of browsers tend to block them , and you don't want to waste your viewer time on enabling pop-ups.


Use standard fonts which are supported by all browsers, like Arial and Times New Roman. You don't want your viewers to get gibberish and go away from your website. Don't use very small or very large fonts . You don't want your pages to smear for miles and you don't want to scare away people with poor vision .

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Gally Reznor is a web developer and marketing manager at She has a large experience in planning and creating e-commerce and other business websites