Making Blog Comment Form more Friendly and Easier

You may want your blog articles commented by visitors, so you have to make more friendly and easier comment form. You can modify your blog by putting one line code that will display the comment form at the place as you like in your blog. I knew about this tip from some blogger who dont satisfy with default comment form. This tip only usable for other templates that are not default Blogger template (served by Blogger).

I applied this tip in this blog.. then the result as you can see.. the comment form displayed in main home page and article pages.

Please ...take attention for the following steps :
1. Make Login to your blog (blogger).
2. Click Layout.
3. Click Edit HTML.
4. Full Downlod first your template to avoid any mistake.
5. Make choice for Expand Template.
5. Please look for this code..:

around at below of post section :

6. Put this code below of above mentioned code (at No.5).

7. If you wish to display comment form at main home page, please look for this code

8. Put this code below of above mentioned code (at No.7).

Please make setting for comment look like the following :
- Comments : Show
- Who can comment? : Anyone
- Comment Form Placement : Embedded below post.
- Show word verification for comments : Yes.


Why Most Blogs Never Get Much Traffic..?

By: Ted Demopoulos

If you're famous, like Mick Jagger or Robert Scoble or Madonna, write it and they will come. You can write about anything you want, and lots of people will read it.
Unfortunately, you my friend are probably not famous, just like I'm not. If we write on whatever we find interesting and exciting, it's unlikely many other people will have matching interests.

Oh some may find your posts on the advances of bowling ball technology fascinating, but they probably won't care for your extensive coverage of laptop battery time extension techniques or any details of your belly button lint collection. And the belly button lint aficionados probably find bowling balls and batteries boring.
In other words, it's NOT about you - what you're interested in. No one cares about what you're interested in (unless you're famous), and very few people will have interests that parallel yours.

But wait, if it doesn't matter what you're interested in, what about all this stuff about "passion" and "passionate bloggers are successful bloggers" you keep hearing? How can you write passionately about something you're not interested in?
Well, you probably can't, but the solution is simple -- a one word answer:
FOCUS! I repeat, FOCUS!!
Write about ONE thing you are passionately interested in, maybe Nubian dwarf goat husbandry or American Civil War history or the evolution of belly button lint collections in museums. There are plenty of people, potential readers, for any ONE of those topics. Even belly button lint has 274,000 hits on Google, and yes there appear to be blogs on the topic too.
I'm writing about Web 2.0 stuff and how it affects business, things like blogging and podcasting etc. I'm NOT writing about fishing or Chinese cooking or biking or wine or many other things I'm passionate about, because it's not about me. And yeah, I should work about being more focused too . . .
But what about Robert Scoble? He's a blogger and his claim to fame is from blogging. Despite Robert being a great guy I read regularly he isn't very focused.
Well, you need to be and so do I if we care about traffic -- Robert is famous anf he started blogging in a simpler time when there was less competition.
And now I must leave you as I'm stranded in an airport and my laptop battery is almost dead. Fortunately I have the latest "Popular Nubian Dwarf Goat Husbandry" with me. Maybe I'll check my belly button too . . .

By: Ted Demopoulos

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And for over 100 (hundreds) tips on successful blogging, I invite you to grab your free copy of my ebook "Secrets of Successful Blogging" at

By Ted Demopoulos, author of "Blogging for Business" and "What No One Ever Tells You About Blogging and Podcasting"

Getting more traffic for website and blog by SEO Technique.

seo more traffic
Putting your websites and your blogs on top page of search engines is a good way to help promote it and increase more traffic, but putting to the top page of the search engines is where you want to be; need some modification activity. This modification activity call as Search Engines Optimization. In Google way as mentioned in Google’s Search Engines Optimization Starter Guide; SEO is often about making small modification to part of your websites or blogs. When view individually, this changes might seem like incremental improvement, but when combined with other optimization, will have noticeable impact on your sites performance in search engine.

I may divide this activity into 2 (two) kind of ways :

1). Internally.
Before you submit your website to a search engine you want to first make sure your site is rich in content and that you are avoiding all spam and html tricks. Then, once you're listed, keep these keep points in mind. Next is to create unique and accurate title page. A title tag tell both users and search engines what the topic of particular page is. The title of your homepage can list the name of your website or blog and could include other bits of important information; ie. the main focus of your page content.

The other optimization that may modified internally is : content; keyword; domain name; metatag; and tag system. The content and keyword should be relevance with the database system of the Search Engine. The topic of content and keyword may check by word tracker tools. The others internal factor is not too many image and flash; avoidance of mistakes script and code, and avoidance of broken link. You may to get benefits of image with alt (alternation); put the keywords in image alt. Some websites may to generates xml site maps file in order to meet of optimization by search engines. Improve your url content structure; categories; filename; internal link; think to make easier for the search engines to crawl it. Search Engine like seem a kind of database system that has been design to looking for an url as customer asking for. It will be done by indexing url or ftp address by the program that call as spider, boot or crawler; and they will do this depend on the relevance of your site and their database property.

2). Externaly.
The first step of webmaster optimization externally activity mainly submitting url into the Searh Engine for example to Google Add URL then following by verified it. In verification process they needs some data of your page; usually express by metatag or uploading a html file. And the next steps is adding xml site maps; for a websites the site maps may be generate first by a site maps generator. Fod blog that already completed by RSS Feed the site maps may RSS or atom xml.

The others external factors could be : back link or link popularity from others to the website. Link Exchange system become popular since last several times. Friend maker sites and forum or group maker sites, or sites catalog, becoming the other way for dropping link. Make your back link form very simple as minimum html hyperlink way.

Does Google AdSense Really Work?

By: Chris Sandberg

One of a beginner's question is "can someone really make money with Google?" The answer is a resounding yes. However, it depends on what blog you are putting up, and how much effort you are putting in. Take a look on the two real cases below, to understand what I mean.

Case #1 There's a blog about investing that has just about five visitors a day, with almost the same number of page views. It rarely earns from Google AdSense but if it gets a click, it's worth about $2.

Case #2 Another is a foreign lyrics site with about 2000 visitors, and 6000 page views a day. Search engine optimization is not a problem since most of its visitors naturally come from Google. If you see the numbers above, you'll surely think that "hey, that should earn a lot in AdSense!" However, it just earns about $5 a day, merely $0.05 per click.Well, $5 still sounds good. It can cover up the monthly web hosting payment at least. But come to think of it, if the investing blog in case #1 has just the same number of visitors and page views a day, with an average of 100 clicks per day in AdSense, how much do you think it will earn?

Google AdSense is a program from Google that allow its members to display relevant ads in their websites or blogs. Relevant means that these ads are related to the content of the website the ads are in. Since it is just one piece of code pasted in the site's html document, different types of ads appear in every page of the site unless the site just cover a single topic. So, if you are writing about investing like the site in Case #1, ads that will appear in the site could be: Earn Money at Home, Forex Chart, or Mutual Fund Investing. With these relevant ads, your visitors will likely to click on them. More visitors clicking on the ads, more payment from Google.

So in setting up a site or blog, and you want to earn money from AdSense, it is smart to look over the keywords in your topic, the competition in your niche, and if the number of visitors you are expecting is achievable. The reason you have to take note of these is because these are the factors that will determine how much you will earn from AdSense. So, it is really a combination of smart writing and internet marketing.

Author Resource:-> Chris is the editor of, a Google fan blog that features updates on different Google products, and tips like how to make money with Google.

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Blog Design: 7 Tips

By: Ted Demopoulos

Most blog platforms come with some basic blog designs. They may call them templates or themes or something similar, and usually they are not bad although some customization is pretty common. I often see some common mistakes, and hopefully you will be able to avoid them after this discussion.

1) Include an "about me" page or at very least have information about you in your sidebar. Make it prominent and make it truly about you, not some resume-like page.
If people find your blog and like what you have to say, they're going to want to know something about you.

2) Have contact information easily visible: an email or maybe even a phone number. Your email can be displayed as a graphic to prevent spammers from harvesting it easily. You can always use a different address than your main address if you like. You could use a throw away address such as a yahoo or a hotmail address.

Visible contact information will make you seem more real and although people may occasionally contact you, it will be far less often than you might think.

Robert Scoble, one of the more popular bloggers on the planet, has his phone number listed and he doesn't get that many calls. I have my number listed also, and I might have somebody call me every two or three months. When it's that infrequent, it's a pleasure to talk to somebody who has taken the initiative to reach out to you.

3) Include a picture of yourself. Blogs are personal, even business blogs, and people who visit yours will want to know what you look like. It's also easier to built trust if your picture is visible. No, you don't absolutely need a picture, but it's strongly recommended. Sometimes people might think you are hiding something if you don't have one.

4) Some of your blog posts are going to be much more popular than others (you may be surprised which ones they are). I call these your classic hits.

Don't bury your classic hits, your most popular blog posts. Highlight them somehow. You might for example have a most popular posts section in the sidebar. That's what I have, a most popular post section and I list my most popular posts based on the ones that are read the most.

Other people do it slightly differently. For example, Brian Clark at has a "Popular Articles" in his sidebar and under that he lists his most popular blog posts. Yaro Starak, on his blog Entrepreneurs-Journey, calls his most popular blog posts "Popular Articles" and lists them at the very top.

Somehow or another highlight them. You might do something as simple as create a category called "most popular" and include popular blog posts in that category.

5) Don't have a blog banner that is too big! The banner is the top portion of your blog that goes across the top. It might have a picture of you there, the name of the blog, perhaps some graphic -- they vary quite a bit.

You don't want your banner to be big. No one should need to scroll down to see your content. People decide really quickly when they first reach a Web Site, and that includes blogs, whether to read orleave.

6) Make sure your blog is visually appealing or at least not ugly.

Avoid bright colors. Stick to reasonable fonts like Times New Roman and Arial. Have someone with a good eye look at your blog, preferably a graphic designer. Everytime I start a blog and I've started dozens for myself, for friends, and for clients, I always get a graphic designer to at least look at it after I am done.

The problem is that it might look OK to you or me, probably neither having a particularly good eye nor appropriate training, but it still might look really ugly to others. Having a graphic designer take a quick look at it is good insurance.

7) Remove any random junk you have from your sidebar that serves no purpose.

Some blogs are just so busy: they have one, two, sometimes three sidebars just crammed full of all kinds of stuff. With some of it you wonder why is it there. What purpose does this serve? Now in my opinion calendars are a prime offender. What good is a calendar there? Some people like them, but to me they serve no purpose.

Empty space in a blog is not only allowable, but it's a good thing. It helps focus eyes on what is important, which is your content and hopefully the few things you choose to put in your sidebar.

Most blogs start with a basic template which is then customized over time. These tips will hopefully help you that with customization and help you avoid common mistakes with blog design.

By: Ted Demopoulos

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And for over 100 tips on successful blogging, I invite you to grab your free copy of my ebook "Secrets of Successful Blogging" at By Ted Demopoulos, author of "Blogging for Business" and "What No One Ever Tells You About Blogging and Podcasting"

Three main reasons bloggers don't earn a penny.

Three main reasons bloggers don't earn a penny.

Blogging can give you a lot of fun and it can bring you some income. But, you know that there can be some problems with it, I mean in bringing desired income. And if you are totally aware of these problems at the beginning you will keep yourself of losing time and money and get what you desire for. You will achieve your goals faster and become better blogger with higher income rate.

So, what are the three reasons that keep bloggers from growing income?
They are:
1) decreasing desire day-by-day (burnout)
2) Same thing (sameness)
3) Unfocused work

As mentioned above decreasing desire is one of reasons bloggers fail. Because when blogger starts a blog, the chances are good that was very excited about it. Blogger sees income coming, good results in his mind, but not in real world. Also, he thinks that returns were going to be very quick. But after he realizes that is not that simple to earn some money the next day and desire to make it real of course falls down the roof.
It becomes boring day by day and he gives up. Now, you know that you have to notice it in your mind to drive you through these stopping feelings.

Second reason bloggers fail is sameness. In most cases it refers to that it can be not that easy to find your exact 'niche'. Blogger can know the main theme, but to differ from crowd you have to put something that will make your blog unique and interesting. You can use your tactics such as bonuses, unique content, funny things, things that your visitors will love.

And third reason is lack of focus. Internet is such a thing that it is hard to be focused on one thing. There are too many things that grab your attention. You get too many ideas at once and don't finish what you started.

So, you have to write your goals first on the paper, and make sure you have defined steps to achieve them. And now you have in your mind things that can stop you from profiting from your blogs. After plan is written just make it step-by-step and you will see the results in your bank account very soon, guaranteed!

By: Aldiyar

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