Getting more traffic for website and blog by SEO Technique.

seo more traffic
Putting your websites and your blogs on top page of search engines is a good way to help promote it and increase more traffic, but putting to the top page of the search engines is where you want to be; need some modification activity. This modification activity call as Search Engines Optimization. In Google way as mentioned in Google’s Search Engines Optimization Starter Guide; SEO is often about making small modification to part of your websites or blogs. When view individually, this changes might seem like incremental improvement, but when combined with other optimization, will have noticeable impact on your sites performance in search engine.

I may divide this activity into 2 (two) kind of ways :

1). Internally.
Before you submit your website to a search engine you want to first make sure your site is rich in content and that you are avoiding all spam and html tricks. Then, once you're listed, keep these keep points in mind. Next is to create unique and accurate title page. A title tag tell both users and search engines what the topic of particular page is. The title of your homepage can list the name of your website or blog and could include other bits of important information; ie. the main focus of your page content.

The other optimization that may modified internally is : content; keyword; domain name; metatag; and tag system. The content and keyword should be relevance with the database system of the Search Engine. The topic of content and keyword may check by word tracker tools. The others internal factor is not too many image and flash; avoidance of mistakes script and code, and avoidance of broken link. You may to get benefits of image with alt (alternation); put the keywords in image alt. Some websites may to generates xml site maps file in order to meet of optimization by search engines. Improve your url content structure; categories; filename; internal link; think to make easier for the search engines to crawl it. Search Engine like seem a kind of database system that has been design to looking for an url as customer asking for. It will be done by indexing url or ftp address by the program that call as spider, boot or crawler; and they will do this depend on the relevance of your site and their database property.

2). Externaly.
The first step of webmaster optimization externally activity mainly submitting url into the Searh Engine for example to Google Add URL then following by verified it. In verification process they needs some data of your page; usually express by metatag or uploading a html file. And the next steps is adding xml site maps; for a websites the site maps may be generate first by a site maps generator. Fod blog that already completed by RSS Feed the site maps may RSS or atom xml.

The others external factors could be : back link or link popularity from others to the website. Link Exchange system become popular since last several times. Friend maker sites and forum or group maker sites, or sites catalog, becoming the other way for dropping link. Make your back link form very simple as minimum html hyperlink way.

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