Three main reasons bloggers don't earn a penny.

Three main reasons bloggers don't earn a penny.

Blogging can give you a lot of fun and it can bring you some income. But, you know that there can be some problems with it, I mean in bringing desired income. And if you are totally aware of these problems at the beginning you will keep yourself of losing time and money and get what you desire for. You will achieve your goals faster and become better blogger with higher income rate.

So, what are the three reasons that keep bloggers from growing income?
They are:
1) decreasing desire day-by-day (burnout)
2) Same thing (sameness)
3) Unfocused work

As mentioned above decreasing desire is one of reasons bloggers fail. Because when blogger starts a blog, the chances are good that was very excited about it. Blogger sees income coming, good results in his mind, but not in real world. Also, he thinks that returns were going to be very quick. But after he realizes that is not that simple to earn some money the next day and desire to make it real of course falls down the roof.
It becomes boring day by day and he gives up. Now, you know that you have to notice it in your mind to drive you through these stopping feelings.

Second reason bloggers fail is sameness. In most cases it refers to that it can be not that easy to find your exact 'niche'. Blogger can know the main theme, but to differ from crowd you have to put something that will make your blog unique and interesting. You can use your tactics such as bonuses, unique content, funny things, things that your visitors will love.

And third reason is lack of focus. Internet is such a thing that it is hard to be focused on one thing. There are too many things that grab your attention. You get too many ideas at once and don't finish what you started.

So, you have to write your goals first on the paper, and make sure you have defined steps to achieve them. And now you have in your mind things that can stop you from profiting from your blogs. After plan is written just make it step-by-step and you will see the results in your bank account very soon, guaranteed!

By: Aldiyar

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