Expandable Post Summaries..

You may make blog post by using expandable post tools scripts that has been explained by the Bloger Help : How can I create expandable post summaries?. So you and the reader will face to your part of post in the main page and whole part in post page or archieve page.
I as common people an also some other close surrounding bloggers has been a little confuse about that explanation. Therefore, I made little experience about this thing. The result is in about twice of my experiences; the script modification is work correctly.

First Step :
Make full download of your xml blog template in to your PC. Edit the file by using XML Editor, in this matter I used PSPad Editor. After you have finished your modification, following by uploading. I you have make a fatal mistakes in your editor, the file then cannot be uploaded. Otherwise if the scripts is true then nothing happens, its mean your scripts is still wrong.

Second Step :

Third Step :

You may change the “Read More” by other word or by image as you like, so you will get more attractive. If you paln to used an image, of course you have to host first.

Fourth Step :
Upload the XML file in to your blog template (Edit HTML part)

Fifth Step :
Make post modification as same as The Blogger Help has explained :

The beginning will be appear in the main page and whole of your post will be appear in post page or archives.
That’s it The steps is more than The Blogger Help steps, but this condition is easier for common people and common bloggers. Although the right thing is The Blogger Help was done.


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